Display driver has stopped working and has recovered

First off hello everyone :)

So I've been getting this annoying error "Display driver has stopped working and has recovered" which seems to be fairly common after searching for a fix for it. I'll spare you all the details and cut to the chase.

I've tried the GPU (evga 460gtx) on my friend's computer reproducing the crash-inducing environment (playing some games on max details) and it works flawlessly so I was able to remove 'faulty card' from my suspect list.

Back on my own PC I've tried every possible thing until one actually worked (underclocking my gpu from 850 to 800mhz).

My question is... does this point to a PSU fault? Everything in bios is set to default and the OS+drivers are clean install. I want to know why I have to underclock it, what the problem really is. Ty
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  1. Have you re-installed the video driver?
  2. You suggested that the PSU could be the cause, how do the specifications of your PSU compare to your friends? You aren't just looking at the rated power output amount but also the voltages it puts out and how steady the voltages are. i.e. a low quality PSU may equal a high quality PSU in terms of the power output but when looking at the actual voltage supplied the the low quality PSU will have a voltage that fluctuates a lot more than the high quality one, and it is these peaks and troughs that can cause issue as the components will either be over or under volted.
  3. psu specs please, and the rest of the system.
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