My laptop do not display webcam in device manager

good morning,

my laptop do not display webcam in device manager and then i dont find my laptop which company that but its name is "CT" i need answer for both

please, answer my question
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  1. You will need to find the brand and model of your laptop to figure out which driver you need to download. Once you find the brand visit the support site and download the camera driver. There is really no easier way to do it.
  2. Have the same problem with my toshiba laptop. Got it for 3 years, still no solution... There seems to be a cam, but it doesn't appear anywhere..
  3. Check the bottom of your laptopp for the model number and find it at the toshiba site. If it is an older model Toshiba has an Archive for older models. I set up a 6-7 year old Toshiba last week and had no trouble finding any drivers!
    The only other option you have is to try a Generic windows driver or download and install various cam drivers and hope one works!
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