Any more Magazine updates for HL2, like the PC GAMER one.

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I have the DVD one from the PC GAMER has any others come out..
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    On Tue, 09 Aug 2005 21:28:39 +1200, Tony <ts@nospam.comn> wrote:

    >I have the DVD one from the PC GAMER has any others come out..

    I don't think there have been any large HL2 updates since that was
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    Tony wrote:


    the answer is for sure no
    i bet if you ask valve support about it they will pretend
    not knowing about it

    at least if you accept steam also accept what it imposes on
    you and one of the things is:
    you can only apply patches via steam connected directly to
    the net
    don't ask for things valve has made clear it will not make
    you will never be able to patch steam infected games with
    the usual individual single files you can apply manually
    if you want to patch any steam infected game you must get
    it directly from valve cause they want control over you
    its just like making us dogs... valve wants a leash in
    every single one of us to impose whatever they decide

    post made in a steam-free computer
    i said "NO" to valve and steam
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