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I am changing from a dynamic to a static IP with AT&T. at&t said that they have to send a service man out, and that it will take about 2 hr to change it.What are they going to do? Is it just pointing the two other computers to the AT&T 2 wire modem?
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  1. It shouldn't take a tech to come out and change the IP address unless it's embedded in the hardware (router/modem). Normally this is something done on their end, not your end. You can ask them why it will require a tech to come out.
  2. i have the 2 wire modem from att. and the modem connects to a switch.,which them goes to 3 computers on a network in the house. The ip OUTSIDE the house has nothing to do with this, am i correct?
    also if / when I log in from another computer from OUT-SIDE i will be useing the Satic IP and the computer / name or number that is set up in the att modem... Right?
  3. Your modem/router should be assigned a static IP from your ISP. This is the address you will use to connect from outside sources.. and yes, your WAN (outside) IP will be different then your LAN (inside) IP address.
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