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I have a spare computer I build. Its a FX-60 on some old asus 939 motherboard. I installed xp in it because I don't have any wireless network adapters that work with linux or Windows 7.

I am using an old Linksys WUSB11 Ver 2.6. USB adapter.

The computer does have connectivity if I plug in an ethernet cord from the router. Worked fine, fast, was able to install Sp3, etc.

I can't get the wireless to work. I get excellent connection strength, but can't actually do anything with it.

Since this is XP and I haven't messed around with XP network settings for years, I think I got a bit rusty and spoiled with Windows 7.

Any advice? thanks! :sweat:
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  1. what wireless mode are you using on your router?

    usually B-wireless network cards only support WEP. If your router is set to WPA or WPA2 you will not be able to connect.
  2. Good question. The router is part of my Cable/telephone system and I didn't set it up, I will have to find out and see if there is an open to allow for B as well.
  3. It is set to g/b so that should not be the problem. Does my adapter support WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK? Or just open wep? This is one area I am not totally familiar with.
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    99% of all b wireless adapters only support WEP
  5. That must be it, thanks a lot.
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