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So long story short, my house had some damage done to it and sadly I lost my ability to have internet to it until things get all repaired. My neighbor has been very gracious by letting me use her internet. I went out and got a nice wireless adapter and can connect with my pc great. What I was wondering was how do I setup my home network to use her connection as well?

Here is a list of the equipment I have.

1. Wireless NIC connected to her network
2. Wired NIC connected to my wireless router via one of the wired ports on back
3. Is there a way to connect the rest of my network wirelessly to my router. Most of the computers or my sons ps3 is to far away to connect to her network....

Any help would be amazing...

P.S. I totally have her blessing to do this while my network is down...just wanted to add
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  1. You can try bridging the adapter, but the computer has to remain on and logged in for that to work.
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