LiteOn LTR-40125S BIG problem.Need help.

I've got the following problem:
My LTR-40125S burnes well (without errors, no problems with reading) but it burnes very slow (it takes 15 minutes to burn 700 mb cdr using 24x, and 8 minutes using 16x ???), it empties buffer and filles during burning, disc slows down, for a few second rewriter stops burning. I've checked different OS'es and different aspi drivers, I use Cloce Cd and Nero, it happens both during burning from image file (hdd) and during burning on the fly.
Two days ago everything was ok.
A week ago I loaded VS02 to my rewriter and now it's LTR-48125W.
My rewriter is connected as Secondary Master, and cd-reader as Secondary Slave.
Does anybody know where I can find firmware ZSOK or ZSON, I need *.bin files.
If I load for instance firmware ZSOK, is there a possibility to check which firmware was
before, if there is then I lost my guarantee :((
I'm very confused.
Any suggestions ???

MSI K7N 420 PRO, XP 1.6, 384 mb
ABIT ST6R, Celeron 900, 256 mb
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  1. is dma enabled in device manager /? also try the lite-on forum <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A> let us know if \ when you get it sorted out

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  2. There are some burners/readers that do not like being slave. There are others that only work slaved on the primary channel.

    Liteon isn't one of them. Check your jumpers, and if it's on cable select, get it over to manual config. Either master or slave, but lock it down to one of them.

    Then give it a flash. It sounds like a device conflict in there, because even PIO mode 4 shouldn't be causing it to slowdown that much.

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  3. You can find those firmware files at the Firmware Page, <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

    As for your problem, the only time I've heard of a similar problem is when DMA was not enabled for the hard drive. As already mentioned by someone else, not enabling DMA on the writer alone would not cause this much of a slow down.

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  4. Thanks to you guyz, it was really DMA, I can't believe that I didn't check my DMA settings, I checked almost everything except DMA.
    But there's one more thing, when I burn several cds let's say 5 or 7 consecutively, they're perfect but after this first 5 or 7 every next is a rubish.
    I think that my rewriter overheat or something, is it possible ?
    Thanks again.
  5. Never heard about overheating issues, though I've never burned more the 3 or 4 in a row and I don't have a 48X burner. I suppose it is possible but I doubt it.

    Try a different brand of media. I like the CDRs manufactured by Taiyo Yuden and also by Ritek. The TYs are sold under various brand names but you can identify them by a spin cap above the spindle case cover. I heard Riteks come only on a grey spindle but I've never tested this claim. (Maybe next time there is bargain sale I will).

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  6. glad it helped try rebooting after a few discs your physical ram be be getting badly fragmented from the previous burns

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  7. I burn on Verbatim Super Azo 1-24x Colour Disc, I also have got several Platinum CdRw 4-12x, it's strange because rewriter burned theoretically weaker and cheaper Paltinum 1-40x cdr perfect, and now I've got problems with verbatims ?
    I burn these verbatims using 16x or 24x and like I said sometimes they're superb, and sometimes they're rubish.
    But I can't believe that 3 consecutively chosen cdr's could have been so poor. I think that something is wrong either with my LTR-40125S (I loaded ZSOK again, because I wanna quality not speed) or something is wrong with my whole system.
    I've got Nero 5599, Clone CD,and the latest driver for my mobo.
    I decided that if the problem is going come back after changeing cdr's, I'll make use of my guarantee next week.
    Any suggestions what should I do ?
    My OS : Win 2k (again) with service pack 3 installed
    ASPI : WNASPI32.DLL 4.60(1021) 09/10/99
    WINASPI.DLL 4.60(1021) 09/10/99
    ASPI32.SYS 4.60(1021) 09/10/99
    WOWPOST.EXE 4.60(1021) 09/10/99
    CDR: TOSHIBA XM-6702B rev.1007 Secondary Slave DMA mode
    CDRW: LiteOn LTR-40125S rev.ZSOK Secondary Master DMA mode
    HDD: Samsung SV4002H Primary Master DMA mode
    MOBO: MSI K7N 420 PRO
    CPU: XP 1.6
    RAM: 1x256 Nanya CL 2, 1x128 Nanya CL 2
    PSU: 300watts noname
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