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I live in a building with about 15 other people. It's a large building, everyone rents out their own rooma dnwe share the kitchens/bathrooms.

Anyway, the internet connection we have now isn't reliable. Whether it's the weak connection, or a bad router, no one seems to be satisfied. I play a lot of online games and I suffer from the quality of internet connection we have. Anyway, we'll be getting fiber-op within the next month or so, and I'm wondering what router would be ideal for the amount of people that will be using the connection. Right now we're using a wireless router (though everyone has a connection wired to their room) that's about 5 years old or so, and I feel as though it's time for an upgrade.
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  1. You will not find a lot of difference but a router that has gig ports tends also have a faster processor. You will still be limited by your ISP connection. A router that can load dd-wrt firmware will give you more option if you need it in the future.

    I would make sure to reuse the wired connections and buy a switch if necessary so each person can have the best possible connection if they want it. wireless is a shared media and the fewer people that use it the better it is for the ones that do not have a option to used wired.

    You could also place wireless AP off one or more of these wired connections if someone needs wireless in an area of poor coverage.
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