Transferring Files from Win 7 to Win XP

Would it be at all possible for me to transfer files from a Windows 7 computer to a Windows XP computer with the XP Computer being the destination? If it is possible can I do it with a Cat5 Cable or does it have to be done in a different way?
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  1. no problem, if they are big or lots of files CAT5 is pretty quick
  2. Do you know how to do it?
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    make all the computers part of the same network, if you are going to keep the computers, not upgrade the XP machine, go to Start Control Panel, Networking, XP uses workgroup, so you need to change it to home network, go to the drives that have the information on them on the Win7 machine, RIGHT click on the drive and select share with, Advanced Sharing, then the Advanced Sharing button again, click appy, you have to have a password to allow sharing in 7, so give the drive a password, in the XP machine, right click on the drive and share it also, select allow users to modify files also, open the networking tab in windows explorer, usually near the bottom, find the computer that you want to send/recieve file from and share, XP sharing is easy, Win7 not so easy
  4. Thanks!
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