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Hey all,

My new apartment's wireless is terrible (and expensive) so I had them run a lan into my unit. I figured I could now connect the ethernet to a router within my apartment and have super awesome wifi! Unfortunately that is not the case. First, my computer wouldn't even see anything when plugged in directly to the lan, but my roommates worked fine. I brushed it off and just figured I'd use our new wireless router.

All I wanted was something I can plug my lan into, and in turn give me glorious wifi capabilities. I went out and bought a Belkin Wireless N Modem-Router. Can't find an link to the exact model, I think this is the most similar model I can find (I live in Thailand). Now I'm thinking this is not the kind of product I want, is there something else I should have bought?

I had no success setting it up, I think because I don't need a modem and that's what I bought. I guessed and plugged the lan to one of the four back lan ports. So I read to try turning off DHCP and it worked. Now I had wifi access, but my roommate could not connect to DNS. Also, I'm now unable to get back to my routers settings via its IP.

I tried resetting the router and now neither of us can access wifi and I still cannot get into my routers settings. My computer still cannot see the lan when plugged in, so here I am on my roommates computer hooked up to a 3 foot ethernet cord asking for your help! I guess my main question is, will the router I bought do the job I want it to do, and if so, how do I get it to do so. Also, why on Earth will my computer not see the lan, Ive never had problems with that in the past.
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    Depends on the router, you want one that has a ethernet based wan port, dsl or cable won't work. You do not need a modem.

    If your router has a ethernet wan port you can plug that into the jack provided by the apartment and you would run like most people do with the router providing your lan to you.

    Your other option if the apartment building allows you to have multiple ip addresses on your port is to run your wireless device as a switch. You would plug into the LAN jacks and disable the DHCP. Sounds like you may have tried this method. The only way to access the router when using this configuration is to assign it a address in the valid pool the apartment is using. Since it needs to be static for most routers you will need to ask them for a static ip...might as well ask them for 3 one for each pc and another for your router since I suspect they are not using public ip.

    I would try to use the standard WAN port method since you can avoid having to learn how the apartment is running their stuff.
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  3. Thanks for the help, I bought a new router without a modem and everything is running well!
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