Just got this in the mail to extend range and review

just got this in the mail today trying to get a range of a block hope it will work out good.
it is a ralink 2070 and was only 9.78 free shipping and took 2 days to show up in also includes the antenna.
here is the link, http://www.tmart.com/80211N-150Mbps-Wireless-Network-Adapter-with-Antenna_p105549.html
i was also thinking on adding it to a dish and seeing how that will work.
here are some pictures.
i will keep a update on how well it works.

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  1. A block is way too far for any wireless adapter!
    A wifi signal can travel about 30m (100ft) with no interferance.
  2. i used foil and a wire hanger to make a dish and it picks it up, with this adapter i get about 15 access points with my pc wifi adapter im getting 3 access points.
  3. ok update, using this wireless adapter i can get about a block range with a parabolic dish hooked up to it and half without the dish.
    signal status as of now is.
    half block range.
    tansmit receive

    link speed 48.0 Mbps 24.0 Mbps

    throughput 0.000 kbps 44.125 kbps

    link quality 79 % signal strength is -77 dbm

    have gotten really good download speeds 20min to download a full movie.

    the adapter is also 100% compatable with linux backtrack 5 r3.

    it works 100% and is totaly worth the 10 dollar price.
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