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Hi All, I have an old DSL ethernet and USB combo router I haven't used in years. I currently hook up to the internet with a 3G modem plugged via USB and use this machine as a gateway for others on my LAN. Everything works great, BUT I don't want to keep my machine powered on as the gateway to the internet. Is it possible to plug the 3G USB modem into the old dsl router's usb port and use that as a gateway for my LAN?? The old router is really handy because of it's built in DHCP and such so clients get automatically configured making life much easier! Thanks for any help!
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  1. Highly unlikely unless it is something like a cradlepoint router. The router must have drivers for each 3g modem and unlike a PC you cannot load drivers into a router. Cradlepoint makes 3g routers but even then you have to have the right firmware load.

    Most providers sell a hotspot or router that will let you do what you want
  2. Thanks for the tip, I thought it was too far fetched my self! Now to check out Cradlepoint.
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