Install Win7 from an SDHD card? Not got a disk drive


So yeah, my disk drive is pretty much bust, so it won't read the Windows 7 64bit DVD that I made. Is there any chance of installing it from my SDHD card? It'll be plugged into my camera, which will be plugged into my computer by USB, is this possible?

Sadly I don't have a USB flash drive either, I always used my phone/digital camera to transfer files.

Also, the boot sequence thing in my BIOS, it says Hard Drive, Disk Drive, blah blah blah, and Removable - would that be anything plugged into a USB slot?

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  1. I doubt it would work, altho I've never tried it. Do you have a memory stick?
  2. AKM880 said:
    I doubt it would work, altho I've never tried it. Do you have a memory stick?

    What sort of memory stick?

    Only have a digital camera (which has an SDHD card) plugged in via USB.
  3. it might work, try installing linux on it first (ubuntu, fast and easy to get running), if it works, try windows, though, make sure that it is a 16GB+ SDHC
  4. Yeah it's 16GB, how would I install an OS onto it though? The drive doesn't show up in CMD btw.
  5. Porbably because its pluged into a camera, I'm referring to a USB drive or a portable flash drive.
  6. Nah I don't have either, said that in my first post mate.
  7. Sorry my bad :D
  8. Depends on the camera/phone, a lot need drivers and/or special software to use them, if this is the case then you have virtually no chance.

    A lot of BIOSs have a USB option so you can boot from flash drives, some (especially older ones) won't allow USB booting at all, or in some cases only from certain ports (i.e. Dell GX280s only allow USB booting from rear USBs and not front ones).

    I think you would likely need a 16GB USB flash drive, which would cost more than a new DVD drive.
  9. No all you need is 4GB or more flash drive, the ISO isn't all that big.
  10. Hey this is new for me too but.
    I believe you need to install from a SDHC card and from the camera card slot in a laptop.
    You would need to set the BIOS to boot from the card or the disk # appropriate to the card.
    To use the card again in a camera you will need to reformat it in camera so keep a dedicated card.
    In Vista " ready boos"t suggests the card must be the same capacity as the installed computer memory to work correctly.
    For installing an os to the camera slot SDHc card that would probably apply .

    Traps : If you *fail* to UNMOUNT any flash USB drive or some card readers in Ubuntu it will not reboot as it still thinks the drive is mounted.
    Plug the usb back in / boot to previous system / unmount the usb /reboot / Ubuntu will recover to the default previous system.

    Thats some of what works for me but I havent tried the install from The SDHC card yet wiating for some one else and doing research.

    Toshiba satellitee dual core 300, 4 gigs ram 500 gig hdd drive in two partitions Vista pre installed.
    P4 intel 2.6 2 gigs ram 2x hdd Ubuntu 9.04. :lol: loving it.
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