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I've been using a Netgear DSL modem/router to connect to the internet for awhile. I can still connect to the internet with my iPhone, DirecTV and another laptop but one laptop can't. It won't let me connect via ethernet cable to the router either. It shows the laptop connected to the router but the trouble shooter says the router doesn't have an internet connection. The problem would seem to be in the laptop itself but where should I start?
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  1. When the laptop connects check the address it has been issued. Then check the address that has been issued to another pc that is getting access. Are they similar?
    If they are and it is still not getting access then there may be a problem with the NIC. If they are not similar then the address may have been set to manually obtain address. In this case you can just set to automatically obtain an address and the problem should be solved.
    If all this seems too dificult to understand just post your findings and I will do what I can!
  2. sorry, I don't know much about this but here's what I think you are asking about

    physical address is different on the 2 computers
    DHCP both enabled
    IPv4 Address - one is and the other is
    IPv4 Subnet Mask - both are
    IPv4 Default Gateway, DHCP Server, DNS Server are all on both computers
    IPv4 WINS Server is blank on both computers
    NetBIOS over Tcpip enabled on both computers
    Link-local IPv6 Address - different on the computers
    IPv6 Default Gateway blank on both computers
    IPv6 DNS Server blank on both computers
  3. The settings above look fine to me, and as they are there shouldn't be a problem connecting. One thing that does strike me as odd is the IPv6 address. Is there an IPv6 address assigned to your computers? If you are getting an address from your DHCP server (router) it should be IPv4 only. Just check and see if this address has been manually assigned or is issued automatically.
    One other thing ypu could try is to manually assign a DNS address. If for some reason the DNS is not being routed or is incorrect that would be a cause (though highly inlikely). Try manually entering your ISPs DNS or if you don't know it use (Google DNS) as the Primary DNS server, that may help.
  4. ended up taking it in to get fixed. I guess my expired McAfee was causing some king of conflict. They removed McAfee and everythings back to normal. Thanks for the help.
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