RAID on Win95 OSR2?

Okay, here's a backgrounder...

Recently got Seagate Barracuda IV 60GB for my old system. Mobo only has UDMA/33 and the 'cuda is terribly slow with UDMA/33 (flat 12MB/s transfer rate over the entire capacity). Since I'll need an ATA133 or ATA100 card anyway, I thought to go for a RAID card, and get another 'cuda for RAID1. Those CD-RW backups are pain, even if I just skip them: then I'll just get a little bit nervous... :eek:

Problem is, my quick search didn't come up with any IDE RAID card that claimed Win95 support. Win98 and newer only. So could you point me to some card that works with Win95? Nothing too pricey, mind you. I'm planning to buy a new PC sometime next year and some 21st century OS, too. I don't want to spend too much money on my current rig. Basically just something that has ATA133 or ATA100, keeps my data a bit safer than it is now, and could possible be used in the new rig.

Most of the time I don't really need "real time" backups, so would it be possible to disable the RAID1, unplug drive1 and use drive2 as a regular drive? Then, whenever I want to do a backup, could I just plug drive1 back, enable RAID1 and have the card mirror drive2 to drive1?

Occasionally, I like to experiment with freeware stuff and betas, so it would be great if drive1 could hold some "known good" setup. If something went terribly wrong with them, could I do the same as above but mirror drive1 to drive2 instead? Would it also work if I did something really daring like partitioning the RAID1 and setting up Linux as an alternative OS?

Is that doable? Does it make any sense? Hope so, those kind of backups would really be to my liking - "Look Ma, no burning, no tape drives, no OS, no SW. Just the backup. :smile:

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  1. I found you a card:
    About the unplugging issue, as far as I know, after setting up RAID 1, the 2 drives are mirrored perfectly, and therefore have the exact same data. I'm almost sure that if you take one of the drives out your system will continue working, and when you put it back it'll do something like synchronization, and mirror the drives so they'r identical again. Just assumptions, though :)
    I suggest that you check Tom's RAID & IDE tutorials.
    Another thing: why not upgrade to 98SE? 95 is reallllly old.

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  2. I'll look around a bit more, I just got a bit lazy and hoped somebody would come up with a perfect solution for me. :wink: The card you found looks good, list of supported OS is impressive and the price is right.

    Yeah, Win95 is definitely outdated. But I've managed to live with its shortcomings so far, and IMO Win98 is just same sh*t in different wrapping.

    I was considering buying Win2k not so long ago (full version, I'm rather sceptical about upgrades), but the price is just too steep when you buy it separately. I think I'll just hang tough until I buy a new rig and get a Win2k Pro OEM or WinXP Pro OEM with it. I will probably get some Linux, too, just to see what kind of progress it has made since last time I tried it (on a 386DX 20MHz, that was waaayy back in the good old days... :smile: )

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  3. Why buying?..
    I'm strictly against buying an OS.
    A total waist of money, and supporting the monopoly :)))

    BTW, I installed an app called "Active SMART", and it says that all my drives r ok...
    But I'm absolutelly sure, that one of them makes a scary "klack-klack, klack-klack" now and then :(

    Army SUX... Feb/13/2003 - the best date EVER!
  4. I'm just weird, I guess :)
    For a couple of years, I earned my meager keep by writing code. Nothing PC-related, but I guess it realigned my perceptions somewhat. Anyway, I might get back to doing that, so I'd rather pay for the stuff that's supposed to be paid for if I have the means, and use free stuff as much possible.

    Can't say I'm a big fan of M$, though, or that every piece of SW I have is legitimately purchased. I just wish M$ didn't make it so damn difficult to stick to my principles with their insane pricing and robber baron tactics. Well, I suppose the ultimate test of these rather recently acquired principles will come when it's time to actually throw some cash in Microsoft's direction... might just be that I conveniently forget them for a while. :lol:

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  5. " robber baron tactics"

    Dude, the Robber Barons were there to kick ass. They weren't interested in taking names, 'cause they were kicking too much ass to even keep up with names.

    The Robber Barons held onto them by the nose, and kicked them in the ass. They kicked the hell out of them all the time, and they went through them like crap through a goose.

    If you were running msft, you would be too. Or your company would go under, and the whole "survial of the fittest" thing would tally up the score.

    Other than that, I think you are just plain nutty to even consider running raid with Win95. Dude, that's like those guys that were out there on Apollo 13; or hell, Apollo 9 for that matter. I'd call you brave, but it's so close to the borderline of nutty that's it blurs the lines.

    Good Luck!

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  6. Quote:
    I'd call you brave, but it's so close to the borderline of nutty that's it blurs the lines.

    LOL, I guess my sig is a perfect answer for that... as for the robber baron stuff, didn't really get your points - too many pronouns for me. But please don't clarify. Don't want to start yet another useless Microsoft good/bad/who cares debate. Guess I should be more careful about what I write, but then again, where's the fun in that? :wink:

    As for the RAID I mean to try it. Look at it this way:
    I do need an ATA133 or ATA100 card anyway. Why not get a cheap RAID -capable card instead? Something that I could use as regular IDE if RAID doesn't work, that is. If I do get the RAID1 to work, I've earned me some bragging rights. If I don't, I'm nutty. But still quite brave.

    In the worst case, I'd be a nut with four IDE channels and two 60GB HDs. I could still use the other HD for backup, RAID or no RAID. Just having four IDE channels doesn't sound like a great loss to me either. All in all, I would end up with two 60GB ATA100 HD's, one CDROM drive and one CD-RW burner. In this day and age, who needs slaves?

    Besides, it's supposed be a HW RAID, right? I thought the whole purpose of HW RAID was to make several drives look like one. (Mostly) transparently to any piece of SW, OS included. Can't see see why the OS version should make a big difference there. Be that as it may, I previously listed the things I'd want to see in my RAID card, and was curious if such card even existed. <i>Looks</i> like there's at least one, but could someone say for sure?

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  7. My little rant there was a spoof off the movie "Patton", with George Scott. He's a total psycho, and you should watch it strictly for comedic purposes, one time. I've watched it at least 60 times, and I still laugh all the way through.

    On hard disks; yes, having all devices on seperate channels is really good. But, your OS will have to have drivers for that card in order for it to even work. Coupled with the fact that my experience with Windows 95 gives it an "unstable" rating, I think you're in for a rough time. You might try asking on the "other" forum, or even the "cpu" forum, to find someone that has had a setup like that in the past.

    All I can say is get everything installed and ghost off that partition. You'll appreciate not having to reinstall.

    Seriously here, as a contingency plan, you should at least give 20 mintues of serious thought as to an alternate OS...

    P@ll4dium f0r L1f3!
  8. Quote:
    Seriously here, as a contingency plan, you should at least give 20 mintues of serious thought as to an alternate OS...

    No kidding. I've been giving it some serious thought for over two <i>years</i>... maybe I should just call a "friend" and ask if he'd like to store a backup copy of his Win2k Pro in my place, in case there happened to be a fire or something in his home office... :lol:

    Yeah, finding a card with drivers for Win95 is damned difficult nowadays. Would have a reasonable selection of affordardable IDE RAID cards available but they're all for Win98 or newer. BoJl4apa found a suitable card for me, but I couldn't find anything like that close to home, even after some arduous searching. Ordering abroad doesn't make much sense for some $30-$50 part, I bet that shipping & handling would cost more than the card itself...

    I've got at least 80 installed apps at the moment; I'm a regular bear for trying out all kinds of freeware/adware stuff. Hey, I'm not even browsing this forum with IE or Netscape... Anyway, I've tweaked the OS and my favourite apps rather extensively, so full reinstalls are a <i>major</i> headache for me. Back in the old days, I used to go berserk with tech support people who wrote something like "First, reinstall Windows...". Some "tech support", they just didn't see why reinstalling and reconfiguring Windows and some 50+ apps would be a problem...

    Anyway, having some sure-fire way to keep a "known good" setup would be a great boon. Thought that RAID1 with the little twists I described before would be just perfect for it. Wouldn't need any SW or even an OS that boots to restore status quo.

    Anyway, it looks like I'll have to ditch the RAID1 thing for the time being. That is, until I get a new OS or get a (second-hand) IDE RAID card that works with Win95. I'll get back to it when I actually have the stuff to do RAID1. Thanks for the advice so far, folks. I'd better stop now, this is getting quite far removed from HD forum stuff.

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  9. 99% of 98 drivers work in 95 OSR2. If you want to add the fancy wrapping of Win98 to OSR2, I have the files you need. Most of it is done by adding the Desktop Update from IE4, then adding IE5. Since those were distributed freely by MS, you shouldn't have any moral quandries concerning them. The rest of the standard 98 features can be found on Plus! for Windows 95.

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  10. I did E-mail about the card to the vendor of my choice, and they said no go "because regular Win98 doesn't support 48bit IDE controllers". Well, the card itself supports only capacities up to 128GB so I was a bit confused with that statement. So I decided to wait and see if they'd get a card that claims Win95 support at some point (like the Kouwell card).

    Anyway, I dloaded the drivers for the card they currently have for sale and checked them. The driver seems to have .mpd extension (MiniPort Driver?). Would such thing work in Win95? Last time I've seen anything HD-related with .mpd was when I tried to install the Miniport driver in some ages-old Via 4in1 package instead of the regular vatapi.vxd. <i>That</i> little experiment definitely didn't have a happy ending...

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