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Cannot connect smartphone to a wireless network dir-625 rev a

I recently purchased a Samsung Smartphone which works great but will not connect to my secure wireless network. I have an older D-Link DIR-625 rev a draft N router with other devices connected to it. I am using Network Magic software which makes adding new devices simple. When I turn on the phone's Wi-Fi setting, it scans for local networks, and recoginizes mine. I add the correct passphrase but the phone will not connect. I am using MAC filtering on my network so I went on to the admin page and added the phone's mac id. Still no connection. This smartphone is not very smart.
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  1. Why ppl still insist on using MAC filtering escapes me. Once you have a secured wireless connection, MAC filtering is pointless. It certainly doesn't add to your security, only more hassle.

    Perhaps you made a typo? Try turning MAC filtering off for a moment (or off completely, permanently would be even better :D ). If that doesn’t help, perhaps there’s an incompatibility w/ your wireless security settings. Try disabling wireless security for a moment and try again.
  2. I turned off MAC filtering first but no change. Then I disabled other security features and the phone connected. Not sure what to do next because I don't want to leave my network unprotected.
  3. The point of disabling security was only to determine if indeed it was the problem, certainly not as a solution.

    It may be that your current wireless security settings are incompatible w/ that device. That's why your wireless router will usually give you other options. So if you're using WPA2 AES, it may also offer WPA2 AES + TKIP for devices that don’t support AES. Or perhaps you need to use WPA. Or maybe you’re using WEP (hopefully NOT) and it's refusing to support it. Or maybe your security key/passphrase is too long (it shouldn’t matter, but once in a blue moon you may find a device that refuses to accept very long keys). Or maybe you’ve mistyped it. I know myself I’ve become frustrated having to enter long keys on small devices, esp. confusing when you mistake the letter “O” for the number “0”, or letter “l” for the number “1”, etc.

    So more things can go wrong than you might expect.
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    Just a quick update. I disconnected the D-Link Dir-625 and plugged in a new Netgear that I bought and everything works great. All my devices wired and wireless connected without issue. Thanks!
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