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Bureaucratic and Administrative work

October 7, 2012 9:40:06 AM

Hi! This is an introduction message, we are new around here and we would like to clarify who are we.

Soma Bonus is a family business for providing bureaucratic and administrative work for individuals and companies in the Algarve region of Portugal. We are here to help if this is the case of anybody in need.

We do real estate consultancy + property appraisals + building inspections for energy certifications, or sound tests for finding better parameters for residents to live better, among other technical tests related with the civil engineering ( construction business ) for the same purpose.

We also help our clients licensing their properties but also cars, etc.

Usually we do tourist properties licensing in order to obtain the tourism titles ( Alojamento Local = AL ) which will entitle the property to be managed for tourism rentals. This is a very cheap process but many companies do it and charge tremendous amounts of money, we do not believe that is fair and right, but it is the reality.

We have a professional engineering team working with us and we can help people who is building a house / residential or tourist property in the Algarve, by developing the "digital construction book" which we upload to the internet in a daily basis, and if you are in the UK you will receive a text message + email with the link where to see videos + photos + technical reports reporting what is going on in your job site. That will allow you to fix things "in the moment", as we know most of the people who work under this condition ( the owner of the site is not present in the country ) does certain techniques to save on his behalf and against the property owner / the client.

We also manage licensed tourism properties ( only when they hold a valid tourism title ) and offer them a professional webpage showing the tourism title upfront to get customers confidence and trust, and be legal, when this happens the insurance policy works and both customers and owners will be comfortable because everything is in it´s places, it will be a fair and right environment to receive customers and innocent people that require the best.

We also help property owners find ways of increasing their income with their properties, at the same time we help them cut off unnecessary expenses, for that we need to visit the place and issue a technical report with details in all aspects, so to convert your property in a safe investment that produces income and works for you instead of the contrary. "Put your property working for you" is the phrase of the day.

We believe that "the world was made for us but we were not made for the world", so, we need to make the right choices at all moments, forever.

If you have any trouble related with your fiscal situation or your property in Portugal do not hesitate to contact us, we are also known as "the trouble fixers", we fix things for you the right way, forever and now.

We like to "fix it right, fix it once, fix it forever", that is the way you like things done, we reenforce it.

All the best!

Soma Bonus.
Your best partners in Portugal.