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i just bought my D-link DIR600 from a computer retailer in our place. works fine for 2 days until when my brother accessed the d-link set-up, and pressed the reboot option. after that. things changed, when plugged on AC, the power light is on, after 10-15secs this will happen: LAN 4 3 2 are ON (no cables are attached) Wi-Fi ON (but no signal being transmitted) Globe icon ON (internet is not attached) worst part is, POWER ICON and the LAN port connected to the PC is OFF. i tried to reset the device from the rear as instructed in the device manual. but nothing happens. please help. thanks

btw, no other light colors are visible only green ones. thanks for your help :)
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  1. Get it returned under warranty. Resetting it will clear everything back to the day you opened the box so it should not matter what was changed.
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