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I have had it with shelling out 300+ a month for my Cable TV I am going to Dump it all and switch to streaming everything Netflix, HULU ect.. I ordered 5 of the Roku 2 XD Boxes now I need a router to feed them
I am thinking of the NetGear R6300, the Asus RT-N66U, Linksys E4200 or NetGear N750

I need one USB HD Port, no less than 4 10/100/1000 Ports and dual band or tri-band
Xbox, PS2 Laptops and Tablets are everywhere in my home I have enough ISP to run them(50 Speed fastest comcast would sell me) but I want to have enough router to feed them all. My kids Game their brains out while my wife streams damage’s over Netflix while I play D3 or EQ2

1 Xbox is N
2 Laptops are WI-Max
3 Tables are a Mix
5 Phones are G
3 Desktops are N
1 PS2 N
TV 1080 Living room Hard Wired Roku Box
Kid 1 TV 1080 Wifi Roku Box
Kid 2 TV 1080 WI-FI Roku Box
Msrt Bedroom TV 720 Wi-FI Roku Box
3d Bluray Hard Wired
Main Computer Hard Wired
Guest TV 720 Wifi Roku Box

P.S. it would be nice to limit kids gaming to normal hours but my kids are pretty good with keeping the rules
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  1. Not a real lot of difference performance wise between those routers. dd-wrt support is nice if you need feature the base router does not provide.

    I suspect you will still have a bottleneck at the ISP since you will never get the rated speed especially during peak hours.

    For streaming inside the house you want to keep as much of this wired as you possibly can. Wireless is half duplex only one device can use it at a time and they tend to stomp all over each other so you want as few sharing as possible.

    It may also benefit you to run 2 different routers, one for g and the other for N. Although routers will now attempt to switch back and forth with a mix of different clients they do no do it very well. Beside 2 routers gives you 2 different wireless groups which mean you can now have 2 machines transmitting at the same instant.
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