Windows 7 VPN server with Android phone connected

The senario:
I have time warner cable, they have a service where you can watch TV on your hand held devices.. Only issue is, you have to be on your home network. since thats fairly pointless since if i am home i am watching the 60 inch... i was trying to use VPN to get inside of my network to effectivly fool the app to thinking i was on my home network.

I am trying to use windows 7 built in VPN server and an android Cell phone.

I was able to set up the VPN and connect using the Cell, however i have no internet access from the cell and it appears as if no data is being passed from the machine to the android.

I placed the machine on the DMZ to avoid any port forwarding issue for my initial setup.

Anyone have any idea what i may be missing?
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  1. The firewall on the router often blocks VPN traffic, and ideally you should enable VPN on the router rather than the desktop because putting your desktop on the DMZ opens you computer up to the internet, potentially leaving you vulnerable to attack.
  2. Yes, thank you.

    I know setting my self on the DMZ gives me a direct connect to the internet That's why I did it.

    Mainly for the perpose of configuring the VPN to work, then once I know its working pull it off the DMZ and enable port forwarding.

    I dropped it in the DMZ because its one less roadblock on the path to trouble shoot the issue.

    Thank you kindly for your responce.
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