Weird keyboard behaviour on HP Mini - possible virus?


The keyboard of my HP mini has suddenly started to act strangely. If I press any key on the asdfg row, I get that letter and the letter diagonally below it: a gives az; s gives sx. The space bar throws a carriage return. I can use an external USB keyboard, but not the netbook keyboard itself.

In addition, windows open randomly - like the opening screen of Windows Media Player.

To me, this all looks like a virus - but running Avast and Malwarebytes only produced a couple of PUP's. Removing them has not changed the behaviour. I also checked for drivers and updated the BIOS from HP's site, but that was no good.

Any ideas before I reformat and re-install?
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  1. If the combo of avast and MBAM don't find anything then I say just go ahead and do a clean install (after first getting your drivers all lined up that is).
  2. check the keyboard in bootable ubuntu.. if it runs well it might be a virus in your current system.. and if it has the same issues there, might end up being a hardware issue.

    But since you said the external keyboard works fine, it is most probable hardware issue not any virus or malware..
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