NOOO! My hd just died

Last night, I was just listening to some music, and downloading some mp3's when i get a windows blue screen error. Nothing to worry about i thought, and i reset my computer. As soon as the windows xp loading screen pops up, i get another blue screen. No matter what i try, be it debug mode, safe mode or last known settings, i get a blue screen. I open up the computer and make sure all the cables are plugged in, but that doesn't do anything. So i eject both cd's and reset it. It loads windows but all i get is a black screen, no login. Then, after 1 minuite, i get a blue screen with 2 words, "Hard error"

I try everything to fix it and after a couple attempts, the HD doesn't even show up in the bios or post screen!!!! I don't have another computer to try swapping to, but im going to go buy a 120 gig hd today and see if the 40 gig works as a slave.

Computer specs:

AMD athlon xp 1800+
Asus A7S333 motherboard
256 megs DDR-333 ram
40 gig Fujitsu hd (Model unknown)

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
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  1. eeeh...
    with a hammer and a blowtorch maybe?..
    sounds pretty much hopeless.
    try the HD as a slave, try it in another PC.
    Try hitting it (not kidding, one time it worked 4 me :)

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  2. I don't know about the 40 Gb but the 10 and 20 Gb Fujitsu drives have been dropping like flies where I work. We had about 26 of them... HAD. Only a few left now.

    You may be able to recover data from the drive by cooling it for a while but be quick, even if this works it will not work for long.

    Fujitsu IDE drives have joined the Quantum big foot on my list of drives not to touch with a stick.
  3. yes... fujitsu have ahd biiiig troubles recently with their hard drives.

    maybe you can check out their website, see if you can find some diagnostic program to help you out.

    i assume you backed up all your critical data?

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  4. In my office we had problems with 70 % !!!!! of the fujitsu drives installed on all Compaq PC. The Service changed all drives with Maxtor units. All Fujitsu drives had problem with the control board (not mechanical problems) built within the drives box. Some of the drives after being disconnected returned to work regularly (like it take new life after this reset), but the maintenance of our computers did the substitution even on these hdd. So you can try to disconnect the drive, give it a check on the small plug on the electronic board, wait a couple of hours and then try to install the disk again. You have two possibilities: 1) the drive still works; 2) the drive is death. If you experience the second possibilities you have very good change, in any case, to back up your data by asking to a "data rescue" company (like Ontrack). It is very expensive, but if you have extremely important data this is the only solution.

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  5. Hi

    A friend of mine has put his dead HDD in a refrigerator for 2 hours and after that the HDD worked for a small period of time - just enough to save some data. If desperate - you can try this method too.


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