I have a Linksys 4 port 10/100 router so I can assign internal 192.168.x.x address to my 5 pc's. I want to upgrade to 10/100/1000 but I can't find a router that does that. What would be the best setup so I can still assign the internal 192.168.x.x to my pc's at 10/100/1000. I disbaled dhcp and basically use the router also for my gateway of Any suggestions on ho =w to find a wired gigabit router that I can configure the same way? Reply to
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  1. Why would you think you cannot use that IP block on one of the many routers that have gig ports on them.
  2. All routers should allow you to use those addresses on the LAN side, which your pc's are.
  3. Thanks Hawkeye, My question is where can I purchase an 8 port gigabit router. I can only find 4 port wired and I don't want wireless
  4. I'm not sure if they make home routers with 8 ports. They definately make enterprise routers with more than 4 ports, but they can get expensive. Why not just hang an 8 port gigabit switch or larger off the router. Just plug the switch into the router and using the remaining ports on the switch to go to your computer?

    So, if you have a 4 port router and an 8 port switch 1 port would be used between the router and switch leaving you 3 ports on the router and 7 ports on the switch = 10 ports for use with PC's.
  5. What a user who does not demand everything run on wireless......I am going to fall out of my chair.

    Because you have so many people that think wired is old school and useless manufactures only make product for that group.

    I suspect the cheapest way to get what you want is to buy a wireless router that has the other features you like and then disable the wireless. To get the port count up I would buy a small wireless switch and plug it into the router lan port.
    The other added advantage to doing it this way is traffic not destined to the internet would stay in the switch, even cheap switches will run all ports at 1g in and out simultaneously.
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