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I think I remember reading somewhere that there is a way to make Windows 7 produce sound through both the optical cable and headphones simultaneously. (sound from the same source) But I can't remember where I read it or how to make it work.
Can anybody help?
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  1. i dont think they still support that feature in windows 7.. they removed that feature from windows vista.. "mysterious microsoft" :D
  2. I'm sorry. Maybe I wasn't clear enough.
    I realize that Windows 7 doesn't automatically let you play sounds on anything but the "default" system. But my point was that I think there might be some way that you could use the headphone jack to power your computer's speakers while still sending sound to a stereo system through the optical cable. And I thought that I had read about that very configuration somewhere but couldn't remember where. So I was seeing if anybody else knew.
    And yes Microsoft are a bunch of morons for not allowing users to use their speaker configurations any way they please.
  3. Ok, I finally found it on my own. Now I can listen to my PC speaker system and my stereo at the same time. (i.e in different rooms at the same time)
    The only problem is that there is a slight delay in the playback between the two systems like a reverb. Probably because of the difference in wires.
    Here's a link to make it work for those that are interested.
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