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hi guys i have three PC all of of them are connected to internet via ADSL modem, can I transfer data between them like a normal network.i want to transfer data between two computer third is Notebook.
My modem is
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  1. Yes, you can. I assume that you currently have all three attached to LAN ports on the modem and/or a wireless connection.

    What OS is on the computers? For example in Windows 7 you can select the drive or files that you want to share, right click on them and then make changes to the sharing AND security tabs; in the security tab the easiest thing to do is to add a share group name Everyone and then set the sharing tab to the level sharing you want.
  2. i am using windows 7 and other using windows xp........but how i can connect them...
  3. As long as all three are on the same network (wired or wireless doesn't matter) you just right click a drive or file and select sharing and set the attributes you want. For Windows 7 you must also set the security tab by adding an Everyone share group.

    Also make sure that each machine is a member of the same workgroup, and WORKGROUP should be the default unless changed.

    Here is a detailed tutorial on how to:
  4. done all computer are now available every computer's network places or in windows 7 network problem i am facing is that PC with windows 7 is sharing all files but PC with windows xp didn,t.they ask for username and password first windows 7 also ask for user and password i disable it from
    Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Network and Sharing Center>Advanced sharing settings>password protected sharing

    but don't know this method for windows XP/..
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