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I need to map a drive between two computers that are positioned away from each other inside my house. The computer that hosts the mapped drive is able to share it as another computer next to it can pick it up. These two are connected to a D-Link hub and that hub is connected to a 10-port switch. From there a Belkin F5D7230-4 is connected to it and the desktop and laptop I need to map the drive is connected to. The reason I disregarded the D-Link and 10-port switch's information is because any computer whose network runs through those two is able to map the drive, but whenever any computer's network runs through the Belkin router, it is unable to find the mapped drive.

After testing out multiple cables I have come to the conclusion that the Belkin router is the cause of the problem. Though I do not know what to do from here. I'd gladly give more information if it is demanded.
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  1. No one?
  2. Do an ipconfig command on the system that can't connect, post the results. If you have the router setup in the middle of your connections, you're doing it wrong. The router comes right after your modem connection, any switches, hubs, etc... will connect to the router.
  3. My setup goes like this:

    Modem -> 10-Port Switch -> Belkin Router -> Desktop/Laptop

    Alternatively it also goes from 10-Port Switch -> D-Link Hub -> Host Computer of Mapped Drive

    The router is only serving as a bridge between my desktop and laptop.
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    If it's a regular modem, it will only give you one IP. Connect the Router to the Modem, and the switch to the router. Anything connected to the Router will be on a different network than anything connected to the switch the way you have it setup. And the Modem will only give one IP to your devices unless it's a Modem/Router combination. If you want to use the router as just a regular switch, turn off DHCP and NAT functions in it.
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  6. I didn't disable the NAT functions, but after I did the drive was able to be mapped.

    Thanks for the help.
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