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I have a Belkin N300 router, and have been having issues setting up my HP Officejet 6100 to work wirelessly, and have been unable to wirelessly configure my Xbox 360 as a Windows Media Center extender. I've found a workaround for both issues, I can set the printer up by IP, and I can use my Xbox as a media center extender if the laptop is hardwired to the router. UPnP and network discovery is on, and all the computers involved can see both devices on the network map. Two computers are running Windows 7, one is running Windows Vista, all are fully updated and have the latest drivers. The router itself has the latest firmware and UPnP is enabled.

I work as a Staples Easytech by day, and moonlight for the a large financial companies in house IT department. 90% of my second job is network infrastructure on a much more complicated level, but this is boggling my mind. I've settup similar configurations before with new trouble, the router is my roomates and I have a feeling if I replace it all issues will be instantly solved, but I can't really afford to spend money at the moment, so I'm hoping Belkins have some quirk that A.) I'm missing and B.) Is fixable

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  1. I have a Belkin myself, an older model N1 Vision. I personally have all devices connected via cable and I dont have any issues there. I have noticed that over wifi there are problems when connecting some devices. I would say mostly with Apple devices. But there was a new wireless printer (Epson) installed downstairs and I can connect to it over wifi. I also have an xbox 360 connected as a extender but thats also over cable.
    You could try temporarily disableing the firewall or some other security settings just to see if the issue lays somewhere there.
    Belkins are generally good routers, but their biggest problem (for me) is that their configuration options are sooooo limited. I mean I paid alot for that router and I have a few cheap spares that have way more options to configure.
    Sorry I couldn't be of any more help...
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