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Ok, inside the house I have time warner cable modem, connected to that is the time warner wireless router. From that I have a few wired connections, one of those wired connections leads into my garage to a wireless access point. Now in the garage my computers are about 12 feet of open space away from the router and I get full 5 bars but can't stream a video real-time or load a webpage at any impressive rates.

Also my access point is wireless-N but the TWC router is b/g when I open the router from the 192 address.

Would buying a new router for the house that is wireless-N improve my rates out in the garage from the access point?
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  1. Unlikely since you are in theory connecting to the AP via N and then connecting to the router via a ethernet cable. Your pc should not care what the router is running.

    Problem you may have is you sometimes can't tell which device it is actually connected to. It is SUPPOSE to connect to the strongest signal with a SSID.

    It maybe worth testing changing the SSID of the AP in the garage to something else. This would let you know when you were connecting to the garage or the house.

    If you still have issues with the SSID changed then you more than likely have a interference issue in the garage. Changing the radio channel on the AP is about your only hope
  2. ok appreciate the help, I went out and got a wireless N router seems to have helped out a bit, I think because the 802.11g was choppy coming into the garage so obviously the router isnt going to enhance whats fading in and out
  3. Still not as fast as I would like it to be, do you think its the access point? This one gotpretty good reviews so I am surprised that its not really that fast even though on speedtest.net my download speed is 15 thats pretty good isnt it? why would my videos be loading slowly
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