Moved to Win7 64 bit now DVD problem

I've been using Win 7 32bit and just decided to go with Win 7 64bit. The installation was fine. Everything has updated but now I realize my DVD drive isn't working. It shows up in the device manager and it will run movies via other software but when I try to insert a program disc (to install drivers or programs) it just says to insert a disc. It doesn't even see it.

I tried uninstalling but Windows keeps installing the same drive and drivers. The device listed doesn't match the one I have in my system. I've tried going to Alienwares site but can't locate any drivers for my player. I don't recall having this problem when I installed Windows 7 32bit (replaced Vista). My system came with the LG 20x Dual layer dvd re-writer.

Any suggestions? I already did the removal of the upper and lower registry key but at this point I'm at a loss.
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  1. How old is the drive? Does it show in My Computer? What drive letter is assigned to it? It may require a firmware update. New ones are under $20 so you may want to just replace it.
  2. The drive is about 3 years's given drive letter shows as a DVD drive but won't read program discs...I hate to replace it since I rarely use it and hope to buy a new computer in the next year or so....I just can't seem to locate anywhere that I can get LG DVD drivers....Alienware doesn't have them.
  3. most time drivers are not needed you may have the old windows cd-rom hi low registry error. google it and see if any of the fixes work for you.
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