The right speaker on 5742g doesn't work

the right speaker on 5742g doesn't work.
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  1. pierrot_19 said:
    the right speaker on 5742g doesn't work.

    try the speakers on another pc or walkman to see if they work..if they do it could be a damaged driver or the conenctor to the mb itself. if the right speaker does not work with a walkman or ipod you know the speaker bad.
  2. Hi pierrot_19

    Is this a laptop 'Acer Aspire 5742G' ?

    Often the 'Control Panel' entry for Sound chip (or card) driver has test function to play on left or right speakers
    (to see if there is a hardware or software problem)

    Device Manager Should show if there are problems with drivers for sound devices.

    Using stereo headphones will also show if driver software is working and both left & right sound channel working

    If it seems to be a hardware problem is the PC/laptop still under manufacturers guarantee period ?
    as working inside laptop cases is far more difficult than desktop cases.


    Mike Barnes
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