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some years ago I've got a DLINK DP101+ parallel port print server form a company. They have given away the old but still working hardware at that time. And they have told me necessary data like: IP-adress, mask, SNMP settings etc. - but no one knew the password. And there is a password on it (I've tried a lot of common variants like admin, DLINK, dlink, etc.) !

The print server is still working fine: TCP/IP print from windows and lpd/lpr print from Unix's - but now I have to change the print servers IP adress (I can't change the whole network :( )

Login to the print server is not possible without password, neiter via web nor via telnet. And there is no reset switch. The "old" software PSADMIN from DLINK does't work although I've tried out to use the netbeui and ipx/spx protocols.

--> Does anyone know how to make a factory reset on that device ? Or what else could be done ?

As I remember (long time ago) it was something like this with the DLINKs:
switch off all components. Connect only the print server to a PC with a TFTP server running (with correct IP addresses set). The TFTP server delivers a firmware image for the print server. Switch the print server on. Wait some time. That's it.
But exactly that doesn't work either.

I like the device, it's small, smart and very reliable. Why should I change it and buy a new one ? And the printer connected to will also die some day...

Thanks a lot for your help.

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  1. :bounce: Hello,

    I've got the problem solved.
    The procedure I remembered wasn't completely wrong: you just had to use a BOOTP server (instead of TFTP server) with a firmware image. I set up a BOOTP server with the image (crossover ethernet cable), connected the printserver to power, it booted from remote - with factory defaults. Then I logged in with telnet and made a factory reset. Afterwards another login to set the new parameters.
    No he's working fine again.
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