Using my laptop as a wireless bridge

Hey guys, I've been searching through these forums and haven't been able to find a post similar to my situation, so here goes.

I have a laptop with a wireless adapter. I have a desktop without a wireless adapter. Both of these pc's have windows 7. I have the laptop and desktop connected by an ethernet cord, and the laptop has a wireless connection to the router. In Network Connections under the control panel, I used the Bridge Connections option to bridge the pc's together.

At my friend's place, this is usually the end of this process as my desktop will have internet access and run fine. At my own place, however, the desktop will not have any internet until I set a static IP for it. Also at my place, games on the desktop tend to run with a lot of lag due to the internet.
- My friend has a cheap $30 ASUS router, i don't know the exact model of it atm
- My place uses a motorola sbg 6580 modem/router

If i'm missing any info, my apologies, just let me know what you need. Thanks
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  1. On the face of it, the fact you're having excessive lag and can only use a static IP on the desktop seems unrelated. But it does make me wonder if there isn't something else wrong w/ the configuration because you should be able to use DHCP on the desktop. Like the laptop, the desktop should be getting its configuration from the DHCP server of the modem/router.

    So something here is amiss, but I don’t know at the moment what that might be. I’d concentrate on that issue w/ DHCP and correct it, and perhaps it might prove a clue to the lag issue. Although I have to say, most lag issues are due to normal internet fluctuations. But it’s always possible your wireless is having issues as well (e.g., interference).
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