I keep hearing the default beep and my keyboard types randomly

Re: Toshiba laptop...my computer has been fine until recently...i'm using a wirelss mouse and keyboard...i have tried two different keyboards and am still getting the same annoying things...every single time I open a "search" box or go to type in an address bar...the letter "h" starts randomly and repeadedly typing itself. I cannot backspace quick enough at times to keep it from appearing. Also...I keep hearing the annoying "default beep" (windows ding). What are the chances that both keyboards I've used are faulty?? Probably not. If I have a virus or malware...any and all removal tools are just not picking up on it. Help.
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  1. Are mouse and k'brd on separate usb dongles? Could the mouse be interfering with the k'brd signals... Try it without the mouse connected...
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