Anyone ever have the problem of being stuck during bios bootup right after the 'Award Plug and play... ' whatever? I just put a new system together with an A7N233-E mobo with an Athlon XP 1600+, and 256mb of ddr dram from crucial. The system had problems powering on, but I fixed that cos it was the mobo being uneven with the case... so now it powers on but it gets stuck during the bios boot up and when i try to reset the bios with jumpers, after i clear the bios, it automatic got me into the bios setup where the speed of cpu is only running at 1050 mHz, and it told me to set some speed for the comp and multipier which i have no idea... but the setting was 100/33 and the multipier was at 10.5x... anyone got any ideas how i can resolve this problem?
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  1. You should know that the clock speed of the AMD XP is lower than the advertised 1600 (around 1300). Find out what the clock speed is and then use simple multiplication to find the right bus/multiplier settings. For a 1900+ it is 133/12.5.

    en Xristos
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