How to find my default gateway

Hello,i have a usr9108 router and an ASUSAM601
i connected my modem via (rj45) TO ONE OF THE USR9108 port
suddenly i lost connection to my router (USROBORTIC USR9108)
i realized when i ping my router it says destination hot unreachable ,since modem and the router both have the same default gateway ( i think my router randomly chos a default gateway because atm modem is connected to the router and acts like a switch
which means i cant connect to GUI of ASUS modem via web browser but the router itself dosnt work,i tried many default gateways for router nothing happend.wiless part of the router works fine but with no internet
i think the cpu of my router is dead and and router works like a switch many idea how i can flash my router from scratch or i dont know delete the firmware and install new one without using GUI web browser or serial port (which it dosnt have the connector)
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  1. If you connect your modem to a random ethernet port on your router then the modem must have it's own IP address, that address is your Default Gateway.
    You can reset your router to it's afctory default settings by pressing the reset button (depending on your roter model). Doing that should give you access to the config page. Once you enter there should be an option to upgrade firmware, the newer version (if available) can be found at the manufacturers web site. But if the reset works you may not need to. If the reset works try setting it up again and see if it works. If not then go for the upgrade...
  2. that is the problem,the reset button dosnt reset,maybe its because i installed opwnwrt firmware on it
    at the moment my modem is connected to the router and then from router to my pc with cabale rj45
    its like the router acting exactly like a normal switch
    there is no ip address of modem anymore (its gone r deleted or randmondly changed to a diferent one that i dont know)whichmeans no default gateway means no access
    and since it dosnt support console cabale or usb i can not reach into its memory to flash it
    is there any program out there that can flash the router(like flashing BIOS in pc)without asking default gateway?
    any idea,any help please
    thank you
  3. It kind of sounds llike the router is bricked. But not to worry YET, there is an OpenWRT de-bricking guide you can check out (if you haven't already).
    There is also a OpenWrt First Login guide describing various ways to access the router (web, telnet etc.).
    Since your only access to the router is through the RJ45 cable, your options are limited to web, telnet and ssh. Any programs that would flash the router would still need to access it over RJ45 so unless you have an IP thats not going to happen.
    The people at the OpenWRT community seem to know what they are doing so since your router model is in the compatibility list you should be able to find a solution. Maybe a question in their forum or a query in the WIki will pan out for you..
  4. thank you friend
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