Wireless devices can't connect to wired devices

I have a modem/router/media converter connected to fiber optic internet. My ISP has disabled the wireless radio for some reason.
So I've connected a Buffalo Wireless 300n in AP mode. The internet works fine on all devices but whenever I try to connect to a shared folder (or any kind of server) on a computer connected to a LAN port from a wireless device, I can't. I can however connect from my android tablet to my Mac mini shared folder, both of which are wireless. I can also connect to my NAS from my PC, both of which are wired.
All devices have an IP address of 192.168.0.x. My main router has address My wireless AP is not visible unless I connect to by manually configuring and connecting with my laptop.
What I want to do is connect to my shared files on the PC and NAS from my wireless devices.
Any help would be appreciated. This has me stumped.
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  1. You should change your wireless AP to a static IP in the same range as the rest of your network (so instead of, perhaps make it, just as long as it doesn't conflict w/ any other device or part of the DHCP pool), then you won't have to keep reconfiguring the laptop just to administer it.

    I also hope you disabled the wireless AP’s DHCP server. Having a second DHCP server can cause this type of problem, although you'd also typically lose internet access as well, but you seem to indicate that works fine, it's only a problem w/ local wireless to wired devices.

    The only possibility that comes to mind is perhaps you connected the wireless AP to the router using its WAN port, when it should be one of its LAN ports. That would put wireless and wired users on different networks.

    So it just seems to me you messed up the wireless AP configuration somewhere.

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