Brainbreaker: How to recover data from RAID0 and a dead screen...


I´ve got a problem. My Vaio´s screen is dead due to a dead graphic card (long/short/short beeps when starting up). But i can´t easily remove the harddisks and connect them through an external USB-SATA because they are in raid 0 configuration..

The laptop still works (i hear the windows 7-soundlogo) but i can´t get access to it since i cannot see what i am doing for installing eg VNC or Remote Desktop software. Pretty frustrating.

What are my options? Command line commands? try portable VNC installations? remove harddisks and bring them to a recovery centre? ask a blind collegue to help me? Or do you have a brilliant plan i haven´t come up with?

Thanks in advance,

Willem (Netherlands)
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  1. Je hebben en slecht situatie <\Dutch> You're in a bad place, Willem. I know this sounds stupidly obvious but are you sure it isn't just that the graphics card can't talk to the screen? It has to be worth trying an external monitor just in case.

    Also, you've posted into Networking - does that mean you could access the Vaio from another PC?

    Command Line? Use your Windows 7 DVD to access Command Prompt then navigate to the folder in Users for the relevant account then copy and paste into a memory stick or external hard disk. Hopefully you have an external device the system has seen before or which doesn't need drivers.

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