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HL2: Mod MINERVA : Metastasis (Half-Life 2 | HalfLife 2)

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September 3, 2005 9:09:03 PM

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Downloaded the first level released for this mod. It's been a while
since I played HL2, or any of the singleplayer mods like Antlion
Troopers. I play HL2 Deathmatch all the time, which is fun/chaos. I
had forgotten the mood of the singleplayer game.

The first level released for MINERVA : Metastasis is engaging, and
does a good job of creating an exciting play environment. I managed to
get killed a couple of times, which is good. I played on medium
difficulty, which was appropriate. I am pretty sure that I could not
have completed the level at highest difficulty, primarily because I
would have burned through all available ammo before completing.

I now anxiously await the further levels of this MOD. I found the
level by visiting I saw a menu item for MOD
Resources, and downloaded.


P.S. Decided to provide the link. pointed me to which took me to
Loads of info about developing mods etc. in the wiki. Since I'm a
consumer, I'm more interested in

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September 4, 2005 12:56:29 AM

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"orion752" <> wrote in message
That's a really neat page, I always wanted a list of hl2 mods. Better yet, is if someone could edit
it to have the released (playable) mods a different colour.