HL2: Mod MINERVA : Metastasis (Half-Life 2 | HalfLife 2)

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Downloaded the first level released for this mod. It's been a while
since I played HL2, or any of the singleplayer mods like Antlion
Troopers. I play HL2 Deathmatch all the time, which is fun/chaos. I
had forgotten the mood of the singleplayer game.

The first level released for MINERVA : Metastasis is engaging, and
does a good job of creating an exciting play environment. I managed to
get killed a couple of times, which is good. I played on medium
difficulty, which was appropriate. I am pretty sure that I could not
have completed the level at highest difficulty, primarily because I
would have burned through all available ammo before completing.

I now anxiously await the further levels of this MOD. I found the
level by visiting steampowered.com. I saw a menu item for MOD
Resources, and downloaded.


P.S. Decided to provide the link. Steampowered.com pointed me to
http://collective.valve-erc.com/ which took me to
Loads of info about developing mods etc. in the wiki. Since I'm a
consumer, I'm more interested in
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action (More info?)

    "orion752" <champagr@gmail.com> wrote in message
    That's a really neat page, I always wanted a list of hl2 mods. Better yet, is if someone could edit
    it to have the released (playable) mods a different colour.
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