2x Linksys WRT54GL (Tomato 1.28) via WDS work only wired?

I have two linksys WRT54GL routers with Tomato firmware. I wanted to improove wifi signal on the other side of my apartment so I tried to set up a WDS. I can't say if it works or not. If I connect the two together with an utp cable, then I can access the node's administrative pages through browser. If I disconnect the UTP cable, then I loose the node and I can only access the main router's administrative pages. This is my setup:

main: (wan set up and working, linked via WIFI MAC to node, AP +WDS)
node: (no wan, linked via WIFI MAC to main and all mathicng wifi parameters, AP +WDS)

Am I missing something? What should I do to make this work with no cable in between them?
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  1. When working w/ WDS, always test initially w/ wireless security DISABLED. Because many times WDS is only supported w/ certain wireless security protocols (in the old days, it was only WEP!). But if you disable wireless security and it now works, at least you know where the problem lies.
  2. I've tried making my signal better across my house but i'll give it a try on mine and see if it works
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