Wireless devices can't connect to wired devices

All of a sudden my laptop, android phone and blu ray player (all wireless devices) can't communicate with my wired devices (marantz receiver and samsung tv). Everything still connects to the internet independently but i can't for instance play music from my wireless laptop to my wired marantz receiver. I had no trouble with this last week and didn't change anything (that I'm aware of) I did get Verizon to switch out my router but it didn't solve anything. My wife's computer also cannot connect to wired devices. Lastly, if I connect my laptop with via ethernet cable it sees wired devices fine.
I tried shutting off windows firewall but didn't help. I have no other firewall/virus software installed.
I can ping to all devices (wired and wireless) from my laptop.
Please Help.
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  1. I'd like to add that my phone can see wired devices as long as I can manually enter the IP address into the app. Apps that must 'discover' the device cannot find wired devices but can find wireless ones. Confusing enough?
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