Audigy skipping on MP3

My setup
K7N420 Pro (nForce)
Athlon XP 1800+
2x256 Kingston DDR
IBM Deskstar 80GB & 40GB
LiteOn x40x12x48 CDRW
Asus DVD E612
Soundblaster Audigy (Bulk)
Windows XP Corporate Ed

Whenever i play MP3 files with Winamp (2.80)i get skipping in the playback, the playback suddenly jumps forward in the mp3 stream. This is quite frustrating and i would appreciate any solutions. Latest drivers are installed.
Works fine otherwise.
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  1. First of all that is not audigy's problem. Very wide range of things may produce this problem (drivers to software), but you should first install winamp 2.81 with latest output plug-in patch. Select directsound as output in preferences. Then stop or disable loop-check programs like asus probe (which has generally 3-5 seconds polling intervals). On some systems this programs (and the like) causes freezing regularly. (You can understand this by moving your mouse with doing loop-circles. If mouse skips after doing some this is your problem) I hope this identifies your problem :)
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