Wireless access point vs wireless bridge

can someone explain me te difference between a wireless access point vs wireless client bridge please?
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  1. A wireless access point is something a wireless client connects to (e.g., PC w/ a wireless network adapter).

    [wireless access point]<-- wireless -->[wireless client]

    A wireless client "bridge" is also a wireless client, but does so on behalf of a wired client (e.g., PC w/ only a wire network adapter).

    [wireless access point]<-- wireless -->[wireless client bridge]<-- wire -->[wired device]

    When you use enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) under Windows w/ your laptop, that's exactly what you're doing. You're letting your PC act as a wireless client bridge by sharing your wireless connection to the wireless router w/ wired devices on its ethernet port.
  2. Thank you very much for your expanation and now I think the following that I want to do is possible:
    I have a VDSL2 router w/ wifi-bg and therefore in would like to use wifi-n like this:
    [VDSL2 router+(wifi-bg)]<--Wire-->[WirelessClient-Bridge-n]<--wireless-->[wireless-AP-n]
    do you think this will work?
  3. Yes, it will work. You're essentially turning the wireless-AP-n into a wireless repeater. Normally you would connect the wired side of the bridge to the repeater. But in this case, you’re being smart by connecting the wired side to the primary router so you're able to use wireless N instead of being limited by wireless G. But beyond that, it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.
  4. Ok, and may thanks or your help.
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