I have two main drives in my sytem. a 640 gig with win 7 64 bit and a 500g split in two with xp on the first oartition and win7 32 bit on the second. my bios only allows booting to whichever hd i set as the #1 boot choice. that is 1- cdrom, 2 whichever of the wo hd i choose, 3 usb drive. i set the 500 as the boot drive and when the machine boots i get the option to boot to xp or win7 32. the only way to boot into the 640 is to hit f8[boot selection menu] where i can choose any bootable item connected to the machine at the time and this overrides the boot priority. how do i configure bcdedit to include the 640 drive as a bootable option? so when the machine boots up ill have all three selections to choose from. i have used bcddit to change the descriptions to read "xp home" and windows 7 instead of win7 and older version of windows but thats my extent of knowledge od bcdedit. i could use a little help here. all the drives including the bluray cdrom are sata. there is also a 1tb drivei use for data only and doesnt come into play here.
thanx in advance
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    You might like to try EasyBCD, which makes managing the Vista/Windows 7 boot environment very easy.
  2. Ijack said:
    You might like to try EasyBCD, which makes managing the Vista/Windows 7 boot environment very easy.

    i actually tried it previously but it installed files that i still cant get rod of an ruined my win7 boot ability to the point of me reinstalling everything from scratch. but yeah i did consider it. i mean its only a click or 2 more to boot into win7 64 but i was hoping to use the bcdedit feature just to have all my eggs in one basket so to speak. i thank you for your advice though.
  3. fixed the problem, lot of bs to go through but ow when i set the 500 gig as the boot drve i get all three options and used bcdedit to make freindly names as well,
    windows 7 64 bit
    windows xp home
    windows 7 32 bit.
    all is working well. everythings boots as it should. AMEN!
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