How to connect two computers remotely through internet

I want to connect my laptop with another one via remote connection. But I don't know how to connect. I'm having the team viewer software installed in my two laptops. Could you please assist me to get my PC's connected through remote assistance.
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  1. If you want to control one from the other using Windows machines use remote desktop. Here is a short tutorial if you have Wnodws 7:
  2. If you are just looking for remote access then Signup for free account at then add both your computers to the account using either the online installer or dowloadable installer. You can then log into them from anywhere or from 1 to the other.

    Best of Luck
  3. TeamViewer, GoToMyPC etc. are probably the most well-known. Both are subscription based service. They could be very pricy if you want to host large meetings. If you don't want to pay recurring monthly fee, you probably could look at appliance based solution such as RHUB or Bomgar remote support appliances in order to remotely access computers from anywhere.
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