Need Help Indentifying Old Router

I really needs to update my routers firmware since it does not support WPA2 now. My Problem is that i don't know which brand it is and what the model name is :/

I have access to the router trough the IP, but cant find any info from there about the name and model of the router.

Please help me :)

It got 3 antennas and no useful text on the back
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  1. I don't who makes (or more likely, made) that wireless router, but if doesn't support WPA2 now, it probably never did.

    Frankly, it's amazing there isn't any information on one of the webpages at least claiming ownership of the intellectual property, a company name, version, etc. You might try backing up the firmware and examining it w/ a hex editor to see if you can perhaps find a string in the embedded software that might reveal a clue.

    Even so, my gut tells me it’s time to buy a new router, esp. when they’re dirt cheap. I’ve seen modern wireless N (single stream, 150Mbps) routers for as little as $10-15 lately. Other changes had been made to router technology over the years too, including addressing known vulnerabilities in the Linx kernel/core upon which most of these routers are based.
  2. Found out by searching the text from the setup menu that is probably is a edimax router. Still can't find out the model number.

    eibgrad: Guess you are right about getting a new one :)
    By the way i did not find any readable text when looking at the firmware dump in a hex-editor. But thanks for the tip anyway
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