Connect desktop to wireless router via 3g dongle

i have a 3g usb dongle and my desktop is connected by it. now i have netgear. now i wanted to make a wifi hotspot in my home.

i have connected internet via 3g usb dongle, then in network and internet i have changed the change advance setting by making home and public sharing on. then i have connected LAN to desktop to router, then i have changed internet protocol 4 in properties of LAN, by taking the IP address, subnet mask, gateway,DNS server of my service provider and applying same to LAN IPv4.
i have doubt that gateway was which was not accepted by LAN.i have left it blank .

i have tried it by configuring LAN port, it was little bit confusing in properties, i think that might be the problem.
if it is the problem then please let me know,
if not how it can be done.?
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  1. If you're trying to use your PC to share its 3G internet connection w/ your wireless router, you're making this more complicated for yourself than it really is.

    The PC’s ethernet connection should be set to defaults (DHCP), so don’t mess with it! You simply configure the wireless router for AP mode and connect one of its LAN ports to the ethernet port of the PC.
  2. use 3g wireless router easily available at with numerous 150 Mbps 3G Broadband Wireless Routers/Adapter which enables communication between wireless and wired notebooks/desktop computers in the network and allows Internet connectivity to the network using 3G.
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