Samsung np-q430 wifi problem

I am having a rather frustrating problem. My samsung q430 laptop is disconnecting from my nome network while all others is connected. When im browsing or downloading my laptop gets disconnected from internet, showing limited access on the task bar. But if i disable and again enable wifi, laptop is connected. But after sometime if i keep browsing the same problem occurs. And this problem is occurring so frequently im thinking it's got a wifi card problem. Oh by the way it's got the latest driver and laptop is running on windows 7.
Do i have to replace my wifi card?.
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  1. Could be, but so many things could be at play here, including local interference. The only way to know is try another wireless adapter. FWIW, I always keep a spare w/ me just in case the internal wireless adapter dies. For laptops, I like the small, unobtrusive ones.
  2. Could it be interferance even while its happening with my lap, my ipad and my phone which are in the same room as laptop get internet flawlessly from tha same wifi connection??
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