How come my wireless internet connection keeps disconnecting

My wireless disconnect;s only when a certain person with a i-pod calls me on my cordless home phone,It never disconnects except for when she calls and as soon as it rings,I recieve many calls and no disconnects, How can this be???
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  1. Is this a 2.4GHz cordless phone?
  2. Yes it is
  3. Well that's always going to be a problem. Your wireless router and phone share the 2.4GHz freq. Every time you use the phone, the phone grabs the freq. all for itself and completely blocks the wireless router until you hang up. You could try other channels and maybe find one that doesn't interfere. If not, you need to use a different phone, one based on a different freq., perhaps DECT (1.9MHz), 5.8MHz, etc.
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