How can I use my 2wire box as my WiFi

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Ok long story short my parents took the modem from the inside of my room to use it on their WEAK computer in their room that they RARELY USE. And even though i can give them a wireless usb they say they wan't it in THEIR ROOM. so ofcourse it pissed me off that my 8 core 8 gig rig would have to resort to wireless but whatever.

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We have a 2wire740 box from at&t. This one to be exact.

SO. My question is can i use the Clear modem and plug it into the 2wire740 so that it can broadcast for me to be able to still get internet ?

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  1. not sure if this will help since I have no idea what connection the Clear modem has.

    also you might have to set the 2wire WAN setting to Static IP and might have to enter an IP for it to work. Some ADSL router are strange that way
  2. how do i do that for the 2wire box to i hook it up directly to my pc. ps. it's being used for u-verse tv currently but it's capable of both
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