Printing Problem (network related)

So my setup is as folllows network-wise,

Crappy old computer (WinXP) <----------> Netgear router <-_-_-_-_-> my beast computer (win7)

<-_-_-_->= wireless

So i've been trying for an hour to get it to where i can print from my beast computer to the printer attached to the crappy computer running XP , It lets me see the device, ive typed in the network path and it'll process 100% of the print job but the spooler errors out on the crappy XP machine every time. I have the drivers installed on both computers, file/printer sharing enabled for both, client for Microsoft system enabled on both. I have no clue whats causing the problem.

Correct me if im wrong but i couldnt set up a homegroup and join my XP machine to it because XP uses workgroups not homegroups like Win7, right?
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    No you cannot join xp to a homegroup.

    Do both machines have the same workgroup name?

    MS has a tutorial on printer sharing between OS versions:
  2. That works right up until the point when it trys to print, "the spooler service has stopped unexpectedly", after the 6th time trying to print, it was pretty much expected. I've decided to wait till the crappy computer dies and i can build a "son of beast" if you will, with Win7 on it.
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